Climate Education translates the topics of climate and climate change into innovative formats and products, including spectacular experiences, visitor attractions and unique touring exhibitions – for local residents, schools and tourists.

The conceptual designs and projects developed by Climate Education can be used and deployed worldwide, and are always associated with innovative ideas that everyone can get involved in.


Michael Sterly

Managing Director

»Changing our mankind’s attitude and behaviour towards our world’s environment will have the deepest impact on peace and wealth in the future.«

Michael Sterly has more than 35 years of experience in management positions, mainly as Managing Director in the commercial, financial and controlling divisions of small and medium-sized enterprises. After graduating in Business Administration at the Berufsakademie Kiel as a Wholesale and Export Merchant, he has worked in Nigeria, Egypt, the Middle East and Europe (Poland, the Baltics). Michael Sterly has a strong expertise in the field of re-organisation, re-structuring and re-modification of organisations and teams. He is a father of one.

Ann Katrin Kray

Project Manager

»Experiencing that everyone on this planet is related to each other.«

Ann Katrin Kay has 20 years of professional experience in a consulting company for leisure and edutainment. After finishing her Master of Arts degree in applied cultural sciences at University Lüneburg, she has worked in Hamburg and Bremen. She is a mother of one.

Arun Swami Persaud

Consultant for The Netherlands

»Creating Climate Change Solutions.«

Arun Swami Persaud holds a master’s degree in Business Administration and has 20 years of experience in management consulting (new business development, organisational change and innovation). He has worked in a number of different countries, including Europe, Asia and America, covering different sectors and types of engagements including assignments for clients from the Agrobusiness, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Building & Constructions, Finance & Banking and Education. Arun Swami Persaud is a lecturer for Innovation Strategy & Disruptive Innovation at The Hague Executive Campus. He is a father of two.

Karen Klessinger

Creative Director

»Brand perception is the orchestration of fascinating & personal moments.«

Karen Klessinger is an expert for destination development and placemaking at dan pearlman Group. With being a creative director for 20 years, she has been responsible for brand experiences, retail concepts and worlds of leisure for international clients. Her focus lies on the co-creative development of urban destinations in collaboration with project developers, operators, cities and municipalities. Karen Klessinger is actively engaged in creating and securing the future of inner cities, which for her will be shaped by a holistic mix and a new quality of intermediate spaces. In her opinion, real identity and what she describes as “happy places” can only be created through human-focused concepts. She is a mother of two.


Max Schön

Max Schön has been committed to sustainable business and climate protection ever since the end of the 1980s. During the first half of his working life, spanning some 30 years, Max Schön was predominantly an entrepreneur, working on various management and supervisory boards. He spent many years being actively involved in the topic of “ecological social market economics” within the association of family entrepreneurs (“Verband der Familienunternehmer”), representing the association as a president for some years. In the second half of his working life he has committed himself to working with different non-profit organisations; as chairman of the Foundation 2° - German Businesses for Climate Protection (2011 – 2014), as a member of the German Federal Government’s Council for Sustainable Development (2010 – 2016) and as president of the German CLUB OF ROME (president from 2007 – 2016), where he still remains a member until the day of today. Since 2016, he serves as the chairman of the Possehl foundation in Lübeck (functioning as parent company to two local museums) and as a vice chairman of the advisory board of the Possehl-Group, Germany´s biggest holding company of medium-sized companies. Furthermore, he acts as chairman of the board of trustees of the foundation Deutsche Klimastiftung (since 2017) and is deputy chairman of the Foundation Board of WWF Germany (since 2018).

Nicole Srock.Stanley

Nicole Srock.Stanley is co-founder of the dan pearlman group and CEO of the dan pearlman Markenarchitektur GmbH. Whenever the focus lies on branding, retail, leisure or destination development, Nicole Srock.Stanley is the expert to consult. Therefore, she is a sought-after advisor for start-ups, SMEs and big corporations, as well as for retail brands and shopping centers. Nicole Srock.Stanley applies the concept of “experience per square metre” to enable stationary businesses to align themselves with the modern leisure industry. In addition to her work at the dan pearlman group, Nicole Srock.Stanley is a mentor for innovative start-ups and co-founder of numerous innovative companies such as the Climate Education GmbH. She works pro bono in the Economic Council at Deutsche Umweltstiftung and in the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, as well as for the affiliated Creative Industries Committee. She is an advisor for Stiftung Zukunft Berlin and a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Place Management at the University of Manchester.

Dr. Sven Murmann

Sven Murmann is a publisher and entrepreneur living in Hamburg, Germany. Born in 1967, Murmann studied Philosophy and Politics in Munich, Cambridge (USA) and Zurich. He holds a PhD in Philosophy. His publishing activities comprise non-fiction books and corporate publishing.

His private holding company invests in a variety of media and technology businesses. Murmann has been committed to profit and not-for-profit activities for the protection of our planet since his school days.

He is - since 2005 - the president of the foundation of the renowned German music festival in Schleswig-Holstein (SHMF) and since 2007 member of the advisory board of Hamburg’s Elbphilharmonie und Laeiszhalle (HamburgMusik gGmbH). He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of a large educational foundation, Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft (sdw).

Thomas Buhck

Thomas Buhck is a 1963 born entrepreneur for waste management and recycling based in Hamburg. After starting his career by completing a training and study program back in the days, he now is the managing director of a private holding company, focusing on the production of recycled building materials like mineral mixtures from concrete or bricks. Additionally, he is a member of the presidium of the Chamber of Commerce in Lübeck.